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    Dongtai Oceangoing Marine Fittings Co., Ltd.
    ? Beijing office
    ? Huludao office
    ? Qingdao office
    ? Guangzhou office
    ? Tianjin branch office
    ? Dalian office
    ? Shanghai office
    ?Wuhan office
    ? Chongqing office
    ? Nantong office
    ? Zhejiang office
    Business principle:
    Quality first customer first
    The good faith for this the best service
    Product advantage:
    All kinds of high quality
    Strong adaptability cycle is short
    Good service
             Dongtai Oceangoing Marine Fittings Co., Ltd.     
    Tel:400-1811808 0515-85523088 Fax:0515-85522188、85521606
    Email:dtyy@dtyy.net(Dongtai Oceangoing)
    Tel:0515-85323088 Fax:0515-85321777 Email:jsyy@dtyy.net (Jiangsu Oceangoing)
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